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Labor for Dismantle of Booth/Exhibit

Labor for Dismantle of Booth/Exhibit

$ 200.00

Lessen the hassle of tearing down your booth or exhibit by adding labor assistance supervised by 110 tradeshow. Important notes:

  • Rates shown are per person, per appearance for up to two hours (there is no credit if it is less than two hours). If your display and/or booth cannot be reasonably and safely dismantled by one person, you must order two or more people
  • Detailed instructions must be provided for dismantling your display and/or booth should be provided. Documents can be emailed to
  • This is labor and basic tools. Basic tools will be provided, but if there are any special tools required for your specific display or booth, you must provide those to us. 
  • Unless you otherwise specify, labor will arrive and your two hours will begin at the start of the stated exhibitor tear-down time. Your labor includes only one trip and cannot be split between days.
  • If you are needing both setup and tear-down, you will need to add setup labor as well.
  • All boxes and crates required for packing should be provided and available at the assigned start time.
  • Drayage (material handling) is not included and must be purchased separately. 

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