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Material Handling (Drayage) FAQ

We've put together some information below that we hope will make our material handling service easier to understand. Please review the information below and contact us if you have any questions.

What is Material Handling? 
Material Handling (also known as drayage) is a service that includes unloading your freight at the receiving dock (usually our advance warehouse), transporting the goods to your booth space, removing and storing empty crates during the show, returning said crates back to your booth at the end of the show, transporting your freight to the loading dock, and loading items into your carrier's delivery vehicle (or returning to UPS/FedEx). Your tradeshow manager will also serve as a contact person should your carrier need assistance.

How much does it cost? Where do I order it?
Material Handling rates range between 50 cents and $1.00 per pound, depending on weight. The more weight you ship, the lower per pound it is. Click here to purchase material handling.

Is it required?
If you are advance shipping any freight, purchase of inbound Material Handling is required. The purchase of outbound Material Handling is also required to return said freight to the loading dock. If you or your booth representatives are bringing in and carrying out your items, it is not required. We do not provide the use of carts, pallet jacks, etc. to assist in bringing in your own items.

Is this a freight service?
No, this service only includes transporting your materials from the receiving dock to your booth and back to the dock (or dropping off at FedEx/UPS). We do not make any freight arrangements and usually do not have official carriers on our shows. Please make arrangements for both delivery and pickup with your preferred carrier, or ship via FedEx/UPS and include return labels to ship your items back. 

Do you provide shipping labels?
Inbound labels for the Advanced Warehouse are available on the last page of this document

What if I want to ship directly to the show location?
We recommend only shipping to the location(s) provided in the show memo. This will always be our advance warehouse and may or may not include the show location, depending on the particular venue. The process for shipping to the show location will vary by show. Please check your show memo for further instruction if you want to ship directly to the show location.

How do I figure my total weight?
You may combine your total weight that will be shipped and order that amount. 

What happens if I ship freight but do not place a drayage order?
Having a material handling order in advance of receiving your items allows us to plan accordingly for the amount of freight we will receive. Unexpected freight can cause us to incur additional labor and transportation fees. If you ship freight without placing an order, we will invoice you for Material Handling services, plus an additional handling fee of up to $75 for the unexpected freight. Your freight will be held until the invoice is paid. 

Will your confirm my items have arrived?
If you ship to the Advanced Warehouse, we will confirm receipt of your items via the email on your material handling order.

Do you weigh freight as it arrives?
Typically, we rely on the bill of lading or UPS/FedEx label for weight. However, if we feel there is a weight discrepancy between that information and what we actually received (in either direction) we will weigh the freight. 

What if I ship more/less weight than I placed an order for?
If you ship more weight than you have placed an order for, we will invoice you for the additional weight. Please be aware that we will hold the freight until the invoice is paid. If you ship less weight than you paid for, you may request a refund for the difference.

If I ship to the show location and it is misplaced, will you help locate it?
We highly recommend you ship to our advance warehouse, as we will be able to physically receive your freight and store it in our warehouse until it is time to deliver it to the show. However, if the show location was a permitted location and if you purchased our material handling service, we will work with the show location to help locate your items. If you shipped to the show location using their material handling service, you will need to work with the show location to retrieve your materials. 

What if I am going to miss the deadline for shipping to the advance warehouse?
If you have not shipped yet and realize you will miss the deadline, we can work with you to ship to the show location during hours that we will be present to receive your freight, when allowed by the venue. Please note this will be in close proximity to exhibitor setup, and we can not be held responsible if your freight arrives late.

If your freight arrives at our advance warehouse after the deadline, we will accommodate the freight on the truck whenever possible. We may charge an additional fee of $75 to help cover any additional expenses we incur due to your freight being late.

If our truck has already left, you would be responsible for additional fees to make a special run for your freight. Depending on where the show location is in relation to our warehouse, this fee could be substantial. 

If I ship several boxes wrapped on a pallet, do I need to label each box? Will the pallet be delivered wrapped?
We suggest individually labeling each box on a pallet, even when wrapped. While we typically do not breakdown pallets, this occasionally is necessary. 

Can you explain what happens and when?
Please see below for a timeline.

Before the Show. You may ship to us, pre-paid, any items you need delivered to the show. You may ship such items ahead of the show and we will store them for you until they are to be delivered. We will notify you by email when we receive items from you. You are responsible for comparing these notifications with what was actually shipped to confirm that we have received all items you shipped. Before exhibitor setup, these items will be delivered to your booth. They will not be opened unless they are not marked with your exhibitor name or booth number. You must purchase inbound Material Handling to receive this service.

During the Show. At your request, we will store any boxes or containers you do not wish to keep in your booth. These boxes or containers must be comprised of items you shipped to us. These items will be returned to your booth shortly before exhibitor tear-down. We may not be able to bring them significantly sooner, so if you need access to your containers sooner than exhibitor tear-down time, you may wish to keep them in your booth. To request this service, please contact your on-site tradeshow manager. Their information will be on a welcome letter on your exhibitor table. You must purchase inbound Material Handling to receive this service.

After the Show. After the show, simply box up your items and either affix or leave us a return shipping label or BOL. All boxes should be securely taped shut. When you are ready for pick-up, contact your on-site tradeshow manager and they will go by your booth and collect your items and take them to the appropriate location for shipping. If you leave your items before they are picked up by a factor 110 representative, you do so at your own risk. If your return item must be returned by common carrier, you will need to make arrangements for it to be picked up at the venue, but we will deliver it to the dock. If you decide not to have us return your items, or have nothing to return, please let your on-site tradeshow manager know this. You must purchase outbound Material Handling to receive this service.

What options do I have for outbound Material Handling?
You have three options for outbound service:
1. UPS/FedEx. If you are shipping by UPS/FedEx, we will pick them up and return to the proper facility or make arrangements for a pickup. You do not need to schedule a pickup. Check your show memo for the date your items will be returned to UPS or FedEx. 
2. Carrier Pick-up at our Warehouse. If a common carrier will pick up your items at our warehouse, we will return them there. You are responsible for arranging pick-up on the day specified in the show memo. Our warehouse address is: factor 110 | 3421 N Walnut Ave | Oklahoma City, OK 73105.
3. Carrier Pick-up at Show. If a common carrier will pick up your items at the show, we will pick up your items and take them to the facility dock. You are responsible for arranging pick up no later than the end of exhibitor tear-down. If your carrier does not show, your items will be returned to the Advanced Warehouse. An additional fee will apply.

What if I don't have a return label at the end of the show? (Shipping UPS/FedEx only)
If you do not have a properly completed return label at the end of the show, you have two options:
1. You may email a return label to Include in the email the show and your booth name. We will print a label for you and affix to your item(s).
2. You may complete a blank label with your UPS or FedEx account number, shipping address, and type of delivery service (ground, express, etc.). We will create a label for you and affix to your item(s). Your on-site tradeshow manager should have blank labels.

There is an additional fee for either option above. In addition, if we are delayed in returning your items because they were not properly prepared for return shipping (and can not return it on our initial trip), there is a $25.00 fee to make a special trip at a later time.

Additional Fees for UPS/FedEx Small Packages
The rate shown for Outbound Material Handling via UPS/FedEx assumes all packages are securely taped shut, have the UPS or FedEx return label attached to the box, and that the box is in proper condition to ship. An additional $10.00 fee per box will apply in any of these circumstances:

  • We must tape boxes closed.
  • We must to create and apply a UPS or FedEx label using your account information, or print and apply one that you email to us.
  • We must to rebox any items not in ship-worthy boxes (plus the cost of the box or boxes, which will be charged to your shipping account if possible).

What is not included?
The following is not included with this service and may result in additional invoiced fees:

  • The freight cost to ship your item to us, or for us to ship it back to you.
  • Replacement boxes/containers if your box is too damaged to be shipped back.
  • Handling for items that arrive to us before the date specified in our email to you, or after the deadline date specified in our email.
  • Handling for items that are shipped to a location other than specified in the show memo.
  • Handling for containers too large to be delivered to your booth (i.e. the container won’t fit through a double-doorway, so the items must be unpacked by us).
  • Responsibility for items damaged during shipment

Where do I check for deadlines and other important dates?
Please see the show memo for important dates.

Anything else I need to know?
Please read our terms and conditions.

Where to now?
Click here to purchase Material Handling.