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Booth Power

Booth Power

$ 45.00

THIS IS IMPORTANT. Please read before purchasing.

Power (120 volts, single phase service, up to 2000 watts) will be ran to your booth. Placement of power within booth is at the discretion of the AV company on-site. If you need power placed in a specific area of your booth, we suggest bringing or ordering an extension cord.

Only the use of one single outlet is included, even if more than one outlet is available. If extension cords and/or power strips are needed, they must be ordered separately. If the on-site AV company charges us for additional power because you used more power than purchased, we will charge you for the difference. If you cannot safely operate on a single outlet, it is your responsibility to order additional quantities of power. 

Price varies by show, so please be sure to drop down the menu above to select the show you are attending. If you do not select a show, you will be charged the highest fee of the then-current shows.

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