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General Tradeshow Rules and Regulations

Below are general, non-show specific, tradeshow rules and regulations, to be enforced by factor 110 / 110 tradeshow. These may be in addition to any show-specific rules and regulations set forth and provided by the show organizers. Any rules and regulations set forth by show organizers will supersede the rules and regulations below.

No Early or Late Move-in (Installation): Move-in times are set to give our crews proper time to assemble the show and have the floor clear and safe before exhibitors enter. Exhibitors should not enter the floor before the stated move-in time. Exhibitors found to be entering the exhibit hall or setting up early will be asked to leave. Exhibitors should also not set up late, or after the hall has been opened, for the safety of attendees.

No Early Tear-down (Dismantle): Exhibitors should plan to leave their booth set up until the stated tear-down time. Booths tearing down early is frustrating to attendees, detrimental to the conference and can cause a hazard. Depending on the show, early tear-down could result in additional fees or other penalties.

Staffed Booth: Exhibitors should plan to have their booth ready and open for visitors with at least one representative present during all exhibit hall breaks.

Contain Booth to Assigned Space: Exhibitors should contain all aspects of their booth (including on-site reps) to their assigned space. Exhibitors should not have items in the aisles or in empty spaces adjacent to their booth (if any). No banners, other advertisements, or promotional items of any kind should be placed outside of the booth or elsewhere in the exhibit hall or other conference areas. Items found outside of the booth will be moved inside the booth on the first violation, then discarded on the second violation.

Removing Furniture/Other Items: Exhibitors absolutely should not remove furniture or other items from other exhibitor's booths or from the hotel/convention center. Any exhibitor found doing this will be asked to leave the show. In addition, exhibitors may be charged fees if we incurred costs to replace the removed item. Exhibit booths are regularly monitored.

Ordering Power: Unless otherwise expressly stated, all shows require exhibitors to place an order for power (either through this site or through another party, as noted on the show memo). Exhibitors should not plug in to power, even if it exists near their booth, as that power is most likely reserved for another exhibitor who purchased it. If exhibitors need power on-site, they may contact the tradeshow manager to purchase it. 

Music / Videos in Booth: Exhibitors are permitted to play music / videos in their booth, as long as (1) the volume is at an appropriate, conversational level, (2) does not cause a distraction for adjacent booths or the exhibit hall in general, and (3) the content of the music / videos is appropriate for a general audience. The tradeshow manager, at his or her discretion, will provide up to two warnings for volume or content found to be unacceptable. If the inappropriate volume or content continues, power to the booth will be disconnected.

Housekeeping / Trash: The general exhibit hall and aisles will be cleaned after each show day. Housekeeping inside of the booth, including trash cans, is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Cleaning services can be ordered through this site if you would like you booth cleaned after the show day.

Security: Unless otherwise expressly stated, no security is provided for exhibit booths. Even when security is provided, neither factor 110 or show organizers can guarantee against theft or loss. Exhibitors are responsible for the security of their exhibit booth at all times. Expensive and/or hard to replace items should not be left in the booth unattended. After the show, do not leave your booth unattended. There are many people on the floor during tear down and this is a high-risk period for theft.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your tradeshow manager.