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Terms & Conditions

By placing an order with 110 tradeshow (a division of factor 110), you certify that you agree with the following terms and conditions:

• All exhibitor orders are due two business days in advance of the scheduled exhibitor move-in date. We will not deliver items or provide services if payment has not been received.
• All orders received after the discount deadline and time (Central Standard Time) will receive standard pricing. All payments are due in advance.
• Any exhibitor with material handling and drayage services included in their order must have paid for that service before factor 110 will deliver freight to the exhibitor’s booth.
• All orders received on show site will be priced at the standard rates, plus a special delivery fee of $75.00. All on-site orders must make payment by credit card at the time of the order and before the service is rendered.

• factor 110 shall not be responsible for damage to uncrated materials, materials improperly packed, or concealed damage.
• factor 110 shall not be responsible for loss, theft, or disappearance of exhibitor’s materials after they have been delivered to the exhibitor’s booth.
• factor 110 shall not be responsible for loss, theft, or disappearance of materials before they are picked up from exhibitor’s booth for re-loading after the show. Bills of lading covering outgoing shipments which are furnished to factor 110 by exhibitors will be checked at time of actual pickup from booth and correction made where discrepancies occur.
• factor 110 shall not be liable to any extent whatsoever for any actual, potential, or assumed loss of profits or revenues, or for any collateral costs, which may result from any loss or damage to an exhibitor’s material which make it impossible or impractical to exhibit same.
• The consignment or delivery of a shipment to factor 110 by an exhibitor, or by any shipper on behalf of any exhibitor shall be construed as an acceptance by such exhibitor (and/or other shipper) of the terms and conditions set forth in this bulletin.
• factor 110 shall exercise ordinary diligence and care in the receiving, handling and storage of all shipments. factor 110 shall not be liable for loss or damage by fire, acts of God, or causes beyond its control. factor 110’s liability shall be limited to the physical loss or damage to the specific article which is lost or damaged. In any case, the liability of factor 110 is limited to $.30 per pound per article, with a maximum of $50.00 per item, and a maximum of $1,000 per shipment. This applies while these goods are in factor 110’s warehouse, in factor 110 vehicles for delivery, or at show site.
• Claims for loss or damage which are not submitted to factor 110 within thirty (30) days of the close of the show on which the loss or damage occurred shall be considered waived. No suit or action shall be brought against factor 110 or its subcontractors more than one (1) year after the accrual of the cause of action therefore.
• Shipments received without receipts, freight bills, or specified unit counts on receipts or freight bills (i.e., one lot, 800 cu. ft., etc.), such as UPS or van lines will be delivered to the exhibitor’s booth without guarantee of piece count or condition. No liability will be assumed by factor 110 for such shipments.
• Properly labeled containers may be stored during the show. Requesting storage is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor or his/her representative. factor 110 assumes no responsibility for valuables stored in containers.
• Exhibitors should arrange for outgoing shipments during the show or immediately after its close. factor 110 will assist in the preparation of bills of lading. Be sure that your material has been carefully crated or packed, and properly tagged or marked.
• In order to expedite removal of materials, factor 110 shall have authority, without further clearance from exhibitors, to change designated carriers.
• Payment for all labor and services will be the responsibility of the exhibitor.
• Freight handling charges are the responsibility of the exhibitor to whom shipments have been consigned. Also, charges for loading out freight shipments are the responsibility of the exhibitor from whose booth shipments are made. Exhibitors may not assign this responsibility to suppliers or customers. The exhibitor agrees, in the event of a dispute with factor 110 relative to any loss or damage to any of their materials or equipment that they will not withhold payment of any amount due to factor 110 for Drayage or any other services provided by factor 110 as an offset against the amount of the alleged loss or damage. Instead, they agree to pay factor 110 at the close of the show for all such charges, and they further agree that any claim they may have against factor 110 shall be pursued independently by them as a completely separate transaction to be resolved on its own merits.
• There an exhibitor indicates choice of carrier for pickup it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to arrange with such carrier for said pickup service. If the carrier does not pick up within the time limited for the removal of exhibitor’s materials at the Exhibit Hall, we reserve the right to forward such material by the shipping method of our choice or to remove said material to our warehouse for disposition, at an additional charge to the exhibitor in accordance with prevailing rates for the service performed.
• Material left behind without outbound drayage services purchased may be classified as abandoned. The Drayage Contractor shall not be responsible for same. We are not responsible for any delay of rush shipments. We will expedite such rush shipments to the best of our ability, but will not assume any financial responsibility for shipments which do not arrive at their destination at a dated time.
• EXHIBITORS ARE URGED TO CARRY ALL-RISK INSURANCE covering your materials against damage, loss and all other hazards from the time shipments are made prior to the show until shipments are received back after the show. This can generally be done by adding “riders” to existing insurance policies, often at no additional cost. It is understood that factor 110 is not an insurer, that insurance, if any, shall be obtained by the exhibitor and the amounts payable to factor 110 hereunder are based on the value of the material handling services and the scope of factor 110 liability as set forth above.