This site is open only to those with a "Show Code." We do not sell or rent to the general public.
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How do I place an order?
Please see this page for assistance.

How do I find out more about a show I'm participating in?
Please see the email sent to you or check here for upcoming shows.

Are items for rent or for sale?
Unless otherwise indicated in the description, all items are for rental only and should be left in your booth for us to pick up at the end of the show. Exhibitors will be invoiced for the replacement cost of any items missing.

Are items priced by day or by show?
Unless otherwise specified, items are priced for the duration of the show.

May I substitute a different table, linen, etc. for the one included in the standard package at no charge?
Unfortunately not. If you need a different size table or different color linen, that would need to be ordered. If you do not want something that is included with the standard booth package, just let your onsite tradeshow manager know and they can remove it.

Is there a delivery charge?
The delivery fee is waived for all orders placed by the stated "last day to order" date. Orders placed after this (including those on-site) will incur a $75.00 special delivery fee.

Do you offer a material handling service?
Yes, please see this page for more information on drayage, a package handling service we offer.

Can you assist with setting up or tearing down my booth or exhibit?
Yes, please see this page for more information.

Do I really need to order power? Can I just plug into the nearest outlet?
If you will be using the venue's power at your booth, you need to place an order for power. The venue will audit each booth and if they see the booth is using power, they will charge us for it. If you are using power without a paid order, we will charge you for power, plus a $30 on-site fee. You must pay for power at this time, even if you decide you will no longer use it.

What if I need Internet access?
If you need a dedicated Wi-Fi or hard-line Internet connection, contact with your request. We will fulfill the order if possible, or put you in touch with the venue's A/V company.

Can I order something I don't see on your site?
We have many props and other items to make your booth unique! If you need to rent something you don't see on our site, please contact with your request and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Once On-Site

Can I place an order once I'm on-site?
Usually (please check your show memo for details), but we highly encourage exhibitors to pre-order items. Orders placed on-site do not receive a discount (when applicable) and are subject to a $75.00 special delivery fee. Also, depending on where the show is in relation to our warehouse, we may not be able to fulfill anything we don't have extra of on-site. Please contact your on-site tradeshow manager if you need to order something on site.

Can I order power once I get on-site?
Usually (please check your show memo for details), but we encourage exhibitors to pre-order power. Orders for power placed on-site will be charged an additional $30.00 special run fee. We can not guarantee that power ordered on-site will be installed immediately and will be subject to the availability of the on-site AV company. We do not advise waiting until you need power to order it.

Can I borrow or order furniture from the venue?
No, exhibitors should not ask hotel staff for furniture, nor should they take their furniture. All furniture must be ordered through this site. Any furniture found in booths not ordered through the site will be removed.

Can I remove items from other exhibitor's booths?
Exhibitors are absolutely forbidden from taking tables, linens, etc. from other exhibitor's booths. Any exhibitor found doing this will be asked to leave the show. In addition, they may be charged fees if we incurred costs to replace the removed item. Exhibit booths are regularly monitored.

Is there a service desk on-site? How do I contact someone on-site?
See your show memo for information on service desk hours and how to contact someone onsite.

Will my booth be cleaned and swept/vacuumed at the end of the day?
Trash removal varies by show, but your booth will not be swept or vacuumed unless cleaning service has been ordered. To guarantee your trash will be removed and your booth swept or vacuumed, please order cleaning services.

Payment / Financial

Do you save credit card information, so I can add something later?
Due to PCI compliance regulations, we do not save any credit card information. If you wish to add something on or before the "last day to order" date, please place another order on our site. If it is after this date or on-site, please contact your on-site tradeshow manager.

Will you send a final invoice/receipt after the show?
Our system automatically sends a confirmation with payment information by email after each order. Also, as we do not save your credit card information, we do not charge anything to your card that was not ordered through the site. For these reasons, we do not send a final invoice.

May I pay by check?
Yes, you may select the option to mail a check when checking out, however we will not process your order until payment is received. Also, if an order is unpaid, we will not load it on the truck for delivery to your booth. If you later pay and we are able to fulfill the order, there will be an additional $75 special delivery fee due prior to delivery.

Will there be sales tax added to the order?
Sales tax is paid by our rental company, 110 events, and is already included in the price of the item. 

What is your refund policy?
Your order may be cancelled or exchanged if you provide us notice no less than three business days (72 business hours) before show installation. All requests for changes must be sent by email to Requests are not considered received until acknowledged by return email. Changes less than three business days (72 business hours) before show installation are not accepted or refunded. If you feel the item delivered to your booth is not a good representative of the online photo or description, we will make reasonable accommodations to replace or refund that item.

All refunds for orders paid with a credit card will be less a 4% fee to cover credit card fees that will not be refunded to us.


Is there anything else I should know?
Please read the Terms & Conditions as well as your Show Memo before placing an order.