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OKHR - Ship to Hard Rock

OKHR exhibitors wishing to ship to the Hard Rock Hotel directly rather than shipping to the advance warehouse should follow the instructions below. 

Important Note: Even if shipping to the Hard Rock, a material handling / drayage order must be placed with 110 tradeshow. In the notes section (when checking out), please include that you are shipping direct to the Hard Rock, so we will not expect your items at our advance warehouse. If an item is shipped to the Hard Rock without a material handling order made, it will be held until such order is placed.

Disclaimer: Neither 110 tradeshow nor the Hard Rock will not be able to notify you or check if packages were received at the hotel. If you need confirmation that your items were received, you should be ship to the advance warehouse per the instructions in the tradeshow memo. 110 tradeshow is not responsible for any packages shipped directly to the Hard Rock and lost or misplaced prior to us taking possession.

Address all packages as follows:
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
777 W Cherokee Street
Catoosa, OK 74015

Include this additional information on your package:
OKHR Conference / August 11-12
Name of Exhibiting Company
Name of CSM: Michele Krueger
Number of Package (i.e. 1/3, 2/3, etc)