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Material Handling Service (Inbound)

Material Handling Service (Inbound)

$ 0.60

New to our Material Handling service? Please see this document for step-by-step instructions.

We will receive your items, deliver them to your booth, store empty containers during the show (upon request), and return them to you before booth tear down. Return Material Handling must be purchased separately. Please see the show memo for other important information and dates.

Inbound Destination: Most likely, you will be shipping to our Advanced Warehouse. However, if it is permitted to ship directly to the show location (check your show memo), you may choose this option. Please note our responsibility is limited for items shipped directly to the show location and we cannot be responsible for lost or misplaced items before we take procession of them.

Estimated Weight Category: Please select the estimated weight of all your items. If you are unsure, choose a lower option and we can invoice you for the difference.

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