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Carpet & Installation (Per Booth Fee) - Expo Style

Carpet & Installation (Per Booth Fee) - Expo Style

$ 265.00

Make your space stand out with this eco-designed and recyclable carpet. This is a basic, light-weight 9 oz. single piece carpet without a pad. It is primarily designed to define and differentiate your booth and will provide minimal cushion. If cushion is your primary goal, we recommend our carpet tiles instead.

Price is PER BOOTH and includes an installation fee. Please see below to see what quantity to order. 

Color Preference. Please indicate your color preference. We will do our best to honor preferences, but colors are subject to inventory and may be substituted.

 Booth Size Quantity to Order
Single (8x8, 8x10 or 10x10) 1
Double (8x16, 8x20 or 10x20) 2
Triple (8x24, 8x30 or 10x30) 3
Quadruple (16x16, 16x20 or 20x20) 4

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